Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Daytrippers and Me

Posted by PicasaOn my 50th birthday last month I promised myself that this decade I will travel overseas with my husband. We have been married for 22 years and are in the process of raising 4 wonderful children. The last three decades have been all about the children as you can imagine. They are now in high school and college. It's our turn to have some fun. First step in the plan was to procure passports. I traveled several times before getting married but my passport had expired. My dear husband has never left the U.S. except for one brief day in Mexico on our honeymoon. He has never applied for a passport. The first step in our journey has begun, we have applied for passports and they have arrived. Now the planning begins.

When I first saw this collection at Borders the little girls reminded me of that promise. If money were no object I would have bought the whole collection which included carry on style bags but... did I mention we have four kids. Instead I bought this cute bundle of lunch accessories. I will try to be good and save them for a "Back to School" reward in August since I am a teacher. Only time will tell if I can hold out that long.


  1. So, where are you planning on going? How exciting!

    Love love LOVE the box.

  2. I would like to take him to England, Ireland and Scotland first. Start out small with English speaking countries.

  3. There are some really awesome things in England and Scotland. *I haven't been to Ireland yet* I'm willing to bet I've seen more of England then most English people! If you want know some neat places let me know what ya'll like and I'll send you some ideas of really great places to visit while here. :)

  4. Come to Northern Ireland and come visit me!!
    Your new gear is divine :)