Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of Leftovers Bento

My husband's bento lunch is filled with leftovers from the weekend. The right side is baked cabbage roll casserole. Basically it is deconstructed cabbage rolls that are layered and baked. The meat is extra lean ground turkey and the cheese is rice cheese sprinkled on top. The combination is comfort food Slovac style and much easier to prepare than traditional cabbage rolls. Although cabbage rolls are cuter. I opted for easy. The left side has garden vegetable pasta salad with fat-free Italian dressing. The box is my new 1000ml lock and lock box from Winn Dixie. It is huge. I think it will be very useful for my husband's lunches and not so dear if he leaves it at work once and while.
It took my family just over 24 hours to devour the double recipe star cake my daughter made for the 4th. Half of the cake was consumed before leaving the party. The other half mysteriously disappeared as it sat out on the kitchen counter. In a way that is one of the things I love about my kitchen.
We don't worry about nutrition since we eat healthy every day therefore an occasional overindulgence is well deserved.
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