Friday, June 17, 2011

Homemade Furoshiki

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at making a reversible furoshiki.The dimensions are 21 inch by 21 inch which is large enough to cover a two tier bento box (medium size). I used two pieces of fabric each 5/8th of a yard and trimmed them to 22" by 22". The project cost me about $7.00 to complete and encouraged me to pull out the old sewing machine. After a little dusting, maybe I'll be inspired to repair a few garments before putting the old girl back in the closet. :)


  1. I think that would actually be prefect for a lunch box bag. I don't make bentos but I do enjoy looking at them. I think I could pull off making a furoshiki that'd be acceptable for work. I like the idea. Did you simple sew two pieces of fabric together and that's it? Seems easy enough if that is in fact what you did...

  2. That's exactly right. Good luck.