Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Laptop

Posted by PicasaMy back to school lap top is filled with teriyaki chicken, mixed salad greens, mandarin oranges and corn. My bento tip for the day is to add frozen corn in the morning and it is sweet and crunchy by noon. I do not cook it at all. Think of it as a corn salad so to speak. The new carrier works great, no spills or surprises at lunch. Makes me yearn for the larger 2.o version of the laptop lunch set and the bento buddies. Oh how easy it is for me to get carried away with gear. I have to restrain myself and get my value out of this set first. The stuff is tough. I think it will be nearly impossible to wear it out. I just wish the original set came with more lids. I like to eat a lot of sloshy stuff. Is sloshy a word? Spell check doesn't seem to think so...but spell check doesn't like the word bento either.


  1. I see that you live in So. Fla, do you know where I can find Bento supplies around here?


  2. Whole Foods on US 1 and approximately 12o St. has the lap top lunch series above. True oriental style bento boxes are hard to come by. Tim's Oriental in Homestead always has one or two boxes and lots of food options. I used to buy a lot of Paperchase bento style boxes at Borders but they are closing. There is also a great Oriental Market on Sunset Drive, I am not sure of the name for lots of food options.