Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An experiment in design

Posted by PicasaThis is my new laptop lunch bag. The laptop lunch bento was the first bento I purchased in my quest for the perfect box. Although I loved the fact that the little boxes were portion controlled I did not like the design of the carrier. It required the food to be stored sideways when carried. Disturbing things would happen to my food that way and I was surprised to see what stayed in place be lunch. I quickly moved on to other systems despite my investment in laptop. While playing online I found this new addition to their collection. A thermal bag  that holds the container upright during transport. The top section still has plenty of room for a side car, snack bento, napkin, water bottle or what ever else your little heart desires. As with all of the laptop lunch products, the bag itself is very durable looking and feels like it will wear like steel. I am so happy that the owners of laptop lunches have continued to work on their design features. This bag is a great success and has renewed my desire to use their bento system. (www.laptoplunches.com).

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