Monday, November 16, 2009

My Newest Acquistion

I purchased this cute little lunch kit last week at my daughter's school. The school was conducting a fund raiser for their tuition assistance program and held a holiday bazaar. One mom was representing her new endevour as sales representative for Green Irene LLC. The kit is made by Kids Konserve. I am very pleased with the quality of the lunch kit, stainless steel beverage bottle, two stainless steel food containers(275ml. each), a cloth napkin, plastic coated fabric pouch to wrap sandwiches and a cotton lunch sack. It was a little pricey I think at $40.00 for the set but I was able to feed my obsession and support the cause at the same time. Sneaky worked on my husband. Ho, ho, ho...tis the season.
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  1. It's cute but for $40 it's too much but at least someone is paying for it, why not + for a good cause =D

  2. Nice! I emailed kids konserve a while back to see if they had any Europe stockists, they don't *sigh* so I'm just a teeny weeny envious. (oh alright then, I'm a lot envious!)