Friday, April 9, 2010

Two Point Bento Pack-Snacks

This morning I investigated the deep reaches of the freezer and found these sweet treats I had purchased for my bentos. Thinking weight watcher style I decided to pack them immediately into 2 point portions and return them to the freezer in a ziplock bag. Can you tell which snack has more sugar and less fat? The one with all of the fluff of course. I think these marshmellow shapes will be good for a sweet attack mid-day.Now they are all set for next week when I return to packing lunches. I'm thinking that there is alot more to this idea than meets the eye. I intend to recycle the snack bags whenever feasible and consider adding the point value to the outside package of my other bento stash items. Less is more when it comes to deep thought at 6am.
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