Monday, September 13, 2010

Basic White Pain de Mie

I found the Pain de mie pan at William and Sonoma Cookshop over the weekend. I always look. I almost never find...except this time really unusual things in the store. Things I am willing to pay full dollar for that is. If I won a shopping spree that would be an entirely different story. I was very pleased with the pan and how it performed. Since I do not have an internal temperature probe to check for doneness I have to rely on the tap test. I feel confident it cooked through although I will allow it to brown a little more next time. The crumb was perfect and dense. The recipe makes great toast and sandwich sturdy slices. I used the recipe from the King Arthur Flour website. I love that site for recipes and to drool over the nice tools.
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  1. Hooray! I think it's obvious that I love pain de mie! :D Enjoy your new pan!