Friday, September 17, 2010

Blazing Purple Potatoes Bento

Posted by PicasaI am working on my colors and packing this week. There is always room for improvement in this area of my bento boxes. This bento is filled with purple potatoes, turkey/cheese rolls, and corn with furatake. The second tier is two fat-free blueberry mini muffins, sliced cheese bits, green grapes and carrot slices for my snack bento. Since I stay at school from 7 until 5 three days a week I often pack a snack bento to hold me until supper at 7. The purple potatoes are a real treat. I sprung  them on my family for supper the night before with limited success. One teen tried them and ate two little ones. One teen could not get past the color. My husband stated that they were not bad if you pretend their not purple. Personally, I thought the flavor was really good. They have a  thin skin like a new potato and they are sweet like a red potato. Just goes to show you how powerful color is to our taste palate. I tried them out on my faculty today and most of the women were pleased with the taste. The male member couldn't consider eating a purple potato. He just turned up his nose and walked away. 

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