Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Double Dip Bento #7

This was yesterday's lunch packed for my daughter and myself. I think I am getting use to many different styles needed to pack different shaped boxes. I tried to pack this one super tight to avoid slippage. It worked well. The lunch on the left is composed of carrot sticks, cherry tomatos, snow pea pods, smoked turkey rolls, whole wheat mini toasts, apple slice and Japanese Mango Jelly. The box on the right is basically the same with mandarin oranges instead of jelly. I cannot sell the little jelly pots on my kids which is funny since it is a product made for children. Oh well...
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  1. What a beautifully healthy lunch! Looks good to me. :) And I agree, some foods work better in certain boxes. I prefer different boxes for sandwiches, bagels or loose foods like fried rice.

  2. I'm a fan of the jelly cups and so is small sprog. Some kids just aren't keen though. Its great your daughter will eat fruit instead of the jelly, some kids just won't touch fruit at all.