Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Simple Slider Bento #10

Today's bento begins with a mini slider, a sirloin steak burger with American cheese, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a side a of mixed vegetables. The blue box has mini whole wheat toast, laughing cow cheese wedge and grapes for my afternoon snack. When I saw the mini burger buns in the store around the 4th of July I immediately recognized the bento possibilities. I threw a few mini burgers in the deep freezer several weeks ago when I realized that I had defrosted too much beef for my supper. Voila a meal in a bun in a little box. How bento.
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  1. This has me wondering why I've never packed a slider in one of my bentos. Brillant. Did it taste as good as you'd hoped when lunch time came?

  2. Not only was it good, it was adoreable all stacked up.