Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Target Autumn Bento #9

This bento is lunch today. I was looking for a little pick me up since I have been in bed two days with the flu. BOO, HOO. The bento is filled with rice, cheese leaves, miso glazed eggplant, ginger teriyaki pork, and a pumpkin filled with purple grapes. The little pumpkins and the cellophane party bags are from the dollar spot at Target. The ghost tins are from the Halloween party supply section (approx. $2.00). The package has 24 tins. I'm thinking Halloween brownie ghosts. I should have bought two packs. Now I'm thinking rice molds, jello molds, fruit cups the possibilities are endless.
Special note to my vegetarian friends, the miso glazed eggplant is really good as a main dish with rice as a complement. Who needs the meat...Have a great day, and stay flu free.

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