Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday's Bento Plan

It's cold every where in the nation, but when it snows in Florida you know it's cold. We, the spoiled ones of the south, rarely buy sweaters and never buy coats unless we are traveling north. My girls were making fun of me at church because my winter coat is a hand me down from my sister and it is 18 years old. They are especially embarassed by the thick shoulder pads in the sleeves. I love it. It is warm. This bento will also be warm. I will not bore you with my simple sandwich, just flash my shiny new thermos. The container is actually a food jar with a wide mouth that could hold any hot casserole, chili, or liquid without fail. The performance rating states it will keep foods hot 7 hours and foods cold for 9 hours. The container holds 16 oz. and has lots of bento potential. Stay warm...They can laugh, but I'll be toasty.
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