Thursday, March 11, 2010

Butterfly Bento

Sweet and savory tastes are blended together in this Spring bento. It is a vegetarian bento filled with Kim Chee, marinated mushrooms, canned peaches, tomato slices, steamed broccoli, white rice and lime slices. I wish I could brag about my homemade Kim Chee, but that would be lying and it is Lent. The Kim Chee was purchased in the refrigerated section of my neighboorhood Oriental Market. Thank you Kikkokin. I have never tried Kim Chee before, but I know it can be made from scratch since it is in all of my cookbooks. I was afraid of the heat from the chili sauce. This product seems hot but not overwhelming. I'll keep posted.
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  1. Great vegetarian bento. I looks well balanced. I've never heard of Kim Chee so I need to look that up. Very interesting. By the way love the butterfly. :~)

  2. Looks like a great bento! Well balanced in food and colors. Kim chee is so yummy!

  3. I just realized what you where talking about with the Kim Chee. I was thrown off by the spelling. I'm use to seeing it spelled Kimchi. Yes Kimchi is very tasty.