Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sushi Bento Weight Watchers Style

Posted by PicasaI'm back from the brink, following a 500 mile road trip to tour State Universities in Florida. I did pack a lot of low fat snack options, a bento box filled with fruits, chocolate soy shakes that mix with water for emergencies. You would think I was going off to the wilderness but... have you looked for low fat foods on a road trip recently. I did convince my girls to eat sushi one day and we tried to eat in sit down style restaurants for most lunches and suppers. We needed the rest and to find better quality food options. I did not gain any weight! Yeah for me! This bento is a low-fat sushi version I made recently. The very tubby rolls are filled with surumi and brown rice accented with hearts of palm, basil, cherry tomatoes and grapes.

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