Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring Roll Bento

Lunch time rewards of time well spent in the kitchen. This is my husband's bento lunch. He is finally willing to take bento to work sometimes as long as it is not in a cutesy little container with bears all over it. I recently ordered him a manly bento box from http://www.allthingsforsale.com/1376-high-quality-microwavable-airtight-2pcs-bento-lunch-boxes-bpa-free.html It is black, silver big and simple. I know he is going to like it once he get's used to the idea. He likes the good food I place inside. The bento box I used for this lunch is from Target. They are out right now for summer picnic fun. I bought this one last year. I do not recommend this box for packing traveling bento. It leaks. I use these to store leftovers from supper for family when the miss dinner with the family. With teenagers working summer jobs they often work a shift during supper and come home at midnight starving. Supper is all put together in the refrigerator. It's a good system.
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  1. Lunch looks tasty!!! Hopefully he will see how amazing bento lunch is and will beg for it ;)

  2. I couldn't get through on the link but I'm sure it's a cool box. It's my way of revenge packing my husband's lunch in cutesy boxes.... MMMUUUHAAAHAAAHHHAAAA ;)