Monday, June 28, 2010

Good News: Lock and Lock at Winn Dixie!

For those bento fans who live in the United States there are certain parts of the country that are bento deserts. We have very small asian populations and very limited access to common supplies available in California or other metro areas. Simple boxes abound but divided boxes I have had to purchase online. Today while on the hunt for sandwich cutters I spied a new display of Lock N Lock boxes at Winn Dixie. They are displayed as a promotion. There in the stack I found the square four compartment box for $4.99. This same box I paid $8.99 for with shipping several weeks ago. The box below that one is 1000 ml. divided into three compartments. I have been oogling it online but am over bento budget for the month. It is too big for me but not too big for my husband, whom I am slowly converting. Ha, Ha, Ha...I'll have to roll the expense over to the month of July since I bought it for $4.99, it is $9.99 online. The third group ($5.99) I actually purchased for the smaller containers. The larger square box is sandwich box sized. The smaller side cars are leak proof and I intend to use them to store ff salad dressing when I venture out to restaurants. It's almost July isn't it?
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