Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School Gear

Posted by PicasaIt's August, which in my house means the return to work and school. Bento season will soon be in full swing.  I started making bento lunches over one year ago with lots of energy and interest. I continue into this new year. I do not have any little children. All the cute stuff is for me. My children are all teenagers and young adults. I still make lunches for the youngest one every day before school. My husband packs his own unless I volunteer to put a bento together for him. Most of my bentos are for me. My little reward for making it to noon with a classroom full of middle school children with a smile on my face. This lunch box is for my youngest daughter. We found it on vacation and couldn't resist. I don't remember ever having a little tin lunch box as a child although I am sure that I had at least one. Isn't Alice beautiful!

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