Friday, October 23, 2009

Lightly Falls the Leaves of Autumn: Bento # 17

I tried to come up with some clever title for this autumn post but it's really hard to stay focused in October when it's 85 degrees outside. Our leaves only change two colors: green and yellow (then their dead). I vaguely remember reds, oranges, yellows and brown from my childhood in upper New York State. I think it may be time for a road trip. I digress. Today's bento is composed of a ham sandwich on whole wheat bread with a mixed salad filled with cashews, cherry tomatoes, provolone cheese leaves and mint. I am trying to work on incorporating some healthy nuts into my diet. My little snack is cheese and crackers with a sprig of mint for color.
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  1. What lovely colors! I really like how the maple-leaf theme carried between boxes--nice composition!