Sunday, October 4, 2009

Really Big Box of Cookie Cutters

I have been stalking this box of cookie cutters for a couple of months now. One hundred and one cookie cutters sounded a little excessive, don't you think! But as the holiday season quickly rounded the corner I decided that it was time for a little coupon madness and the big jump. Certainly with 101 cookie cutters I would have the holidays covered in one shot. The box contains alphabet, numbers, shapes, seasonal designs. This box sells at Joanns for $14.99(USD) less 40% off coupon. I was able to add 20% teachers discount for an even better deal. I might even find a reason to use them at school even though I teach science(maybe the science of baking...ho, ho, ho). The largest cookie cutters are really over the top as you can see by their relationship to a slice of bread. They are even big for sandwich cutters but the second largest size is great for shaping sandwiches. I think I will be able to use them to shape rice, bread, pizza dough, vegetables, and even cookies. Any suggestions for Mr. humongo gingerbread man?

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  1. Cookie cutters too large for bread slices should be outlawed! *laugh* I actually have attacked an unsliced loaf of bread and cut it horizontally into slices in order to use an over-size cookie cutter. Obsessive Bento-er? ;)

    You could use the cookie cutter as a template to cut brown felt shapes, decorate them with puffy paint, use fabric glue to adhere two together with a little stuffing inside, and voila, homemade christmas ornaments?

  2. Or oh! How about cutting the top half from one slice of bread, the bottom half from another slice, and then laying them all askew in the bento with little ketchup X's in place of eyes? ;)

  3. Wow maybe Zoombie cookie guy out of bread, what a great idea. Thanks

  4. I see a giant gingerbread man quesadilla in your future! My kids love pb&j on tortillas or or cheese inside.
    love your blog! amanda

  5. oh, btw, i have the SAME huge box of cookie cutters!